2018 Why That's Funny 


Why That's Funny is a podcast hosted by Wilton Macabee and Captain John. It is available everywhere you listen podcasts, like Stitcher, Apple Podcast Purple app, Droid stuff, etc., The podcast features political commentary, sketches, general conversation, and the pursuit of enlightenment regarding every day things. 

In 2008, Wilt and John began recording audio shows in a basement in New Jersey, before podcasting was even a thing.  They had a moderately popular college radio program called "Saba Dah Hour."

After the failure of Saba Dah Hour, Wilt moved to San Francisco to pursue money and nothing else and John stayed in New Jersey to settle on getting old and dying alone. After feeling creatively unfulfilled, the two started "Why That's Funny" remotely using fancy technology and cool headsets. The first episode was published in June, 2016.  It started to gain steam. 

In January of 2018, Wilt moved back to New Jersey to try and make the podcast more popular by not struggling to fucking record because of time zones.  Please tune in and enjoy.

Wilton Macabee: Has performed stand-up at Milk Bar San Francisco, Mutiny Radio San Francisco, and Delirium, San Francisco. He also was loosely associated with the Upright Citizens Brigade theatre in New York City during the summer of 2013.

Captain John: Makes podcasts, he is a master editor of audio and a dedicated podcaster who uses the medium to critique the world around him. 

"These guys are actually funny"


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"Best morning radio show since Imus in the Morning"

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